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6 Must-Watch Movies for Marketing and Business Majors

Are you a marketing or business major who’s tired of the constant and boring flow of textbooks, assigned readings or videos that are supposed to teach you your profession? Well, guess what, we’re here to suggest you something a little more fun. This is something all of you know and do probably on daily bases, however some of you might not have thought about using it to your advantage on educational levels. We’re talking about…*insert drum roll here*…MARKETING MOVIES!

Some of your professors out there would probably tell you that movies are entertaining yet a waste of your time, but let’s be honest here, we’ve all learned a lot through different movies since they provide visual examples of pretty much everything. So why not use it intentionally to gain more knowledge about your field of study?

Movies not only have a way too wide genre variety that is surely going to please everyone, but they are also informative. With that being said, let’s face it, if you have the chance to watch 6 movies on your field, that are fun, entertaining and full of practical knowledge, why not do it?

So without further ado, let’s hop onto the top 6 best marketing movies, that your “tired-of-textbooks” brain will only benefit from. (If you wonder why 6 overall, simply because top 5, 10, 15, 20, etc., were too cliché to use).
*Quick disclaimer: these are not written in a particular order.

1. Thank You for Smoking

This is epic. I mean you as a marketer will sometimes have to sell stuff you either don’t like yourself, or worse, things that aren’t good. The movie is about a lobbyist who promotes cigarettes. Yeah, the cigarettes we know well enough are capable of killing people? Absolutely correct, those white things that almost 20% of world’s population (1 billion)  smokes today, are being advertised in this movie. Isn’t that crazy? Don’t smoke, it’s still bad. But watch the movie to learn how to sell things, even if they are bad for people, have low quality, etc. Learn the art of marketing and selling.

Marketing Movies: Thank You For Smoking

2. Flash of Genius

Another great example of informative movies for marketing and business majors. This is a story about a man who invented the intermittent windshield wiper on cars that we know and use today. But the story itself is more about a gigantic and famous company stealing that idea from the inventor and how that man fights for his intellectual property’s copyright. The movie can also serve as a motivation for innovations and not giving up in the sphere of business.

Marketing Movies: Flash of Genius

3. Inside Job

An extremely interesting documentary movie about the financial crisis and recession in 2008, explaining and showing why it occurred. The documentary gives an insight to the power of greed on governmental and business levels and puts emphasis on its negative sides both for a great country like the USA and the rest of the world that suffers the impact too. Highly informative for marketing and business major students.

Marketing Movies: Inside Job

4. Wall Street

If you’re a lover of new movies, do not however judge this old, but incredibly information-containing movie of Wall Street by its date. It’s a story of a young stock broker who wants to reach the heights relatively fast, by entering the world of trade market and greediness. Not a surprise that no Top List of marketing and business movies goes without this story.

Marketing Movies: Wall Street

5. Pirates of Silicon Valley

A big fan of Apple or Microsoft? Congratulations, you just stumbled upon one of the best marketing movies about two great men, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who created the most successful and two of the biggest businesses in the entire world. Valuable lessons and inspiring stories that will be advantageous for any marketing and business student.

Marketing Movies: Pirates of Silicon Valley

6. Boiler Room

A movie about young stockbrokers that make millions of dollars fast and over and over again. There isn’t much to say about this movie except for the motivation you will receive to get out to the world of business and marketing and go conquer it. Oh yeah, it’s informative too, don’t forget that.
*inserting the epic speech by Ben Affleck’s protagonist so that you can judge for yourself*


Why these marketing movies, you’ll ask. Because they are proved to be not only helpful in giving you a general idea about the marketing and business industries, but they are also entertaining to watch and you have fun learning. If you’re going to tell your professor you’re no more in need of their lectures and books, that’s probably not a good idea. But movies are hands down great to see and gain practical knowledge while enjoying the process of it. But if you still end up giving up on learning about marketing through formal and non-formal ways, you can always trust your marketing strategy to professionals and with the help of the aforementioned movies, you’ll at least speak the same language with them.

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