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How Much are You Willing to Pay for an Apple Book?

Books are great and nothing can be compared with the actual process of reading, even the audiobooks and movies. This has been a discussion material for pretty much everyone. It would be a relevant topic for this article too, if that was the case, but what if this time it’s a different type of book?

On Wednesday, November 16th, Apple launched their newest addition to the family: “Designed by Apple in California”, which is supposed to chronicle and show the 20 unforgettable years with Apple. It shows where Apple started from, to what it achieved throughout the years of its existence. If you’re still confused about how and why they did it, stick till the very end to find out more about this creation.

At a first glance, this is just a book containing photos of every single Apple product past and present. Frankly, that is exactly what this book comprises. 450 photos were taken by the famous Andrew Zuckerman in a minimalistic way that Apple so much adores, with bold colors on a simple bright white background.

The book is designed to serve as a source for all design disciplines, as Apple’s chief design officer, Jonathan Ive mentions in the book’s foreword. However, he notes that the book isn’t meant to show only design, but rather, it is meant to show the hard work of the Apple team and serves as a clear image and representation about who they are.

How Much are You Willing to Pay for an Apple Book?

“While this is a design book, it is not about the design team, the creative process or product development. It is an objective representation of our work that, ironically, describes who we are. It describes how we work, our values, our preoccupations and our goals.”

Later, Ive adds and clearly states that their actions speak louder than words, and their main goal throughout the years has been and will remain to create “objects that appear so simple and effortless” that people wouldn’t even think of any other alternative.

“Designed by Apple in California” is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs, its co-founder and former CEO. This in its turn can act as a motive to buy the book since there are a lot of Apple-lovers who really appreciated Steve’s efforts in trying to create “something great for humanity”.

Now that we are done describing what the new Apple book represents, it is time to talk about what is actually important to know about it: the pricing and availability of the product.

First of all, the book is available in two sizes, which is something that has become usual for Apple. However meaningless the two sizes might seem, maybe their prices will surprise you even more.

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