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Get Your Users Feel Bound to You with Modern Social Media

We are the generation that spends most of the day on their phones. That is no surprise for you, sure enough. But just to make some figures pop up more, smartphone users tend to use their phones 221 times a day. When you think back on how many times you check on your phone, this number won’t even cross your mind.

Modern Social Media

But instead of looking at this fact as something that should be reduced to a minimum, why don’t you take advantage of it? Once you find the weak spot of nowadays’ target market, and you’ll be very well armed to shoot right through it!

Be that Snapchat you are using, or Instagram’s new “Story” feature, they all give grandiose results.
Well first of all, if you’re a newly made startup company, or a self-employed business person, it’s still a win-win situation. All of us, as customers at some sense, hands down LOVE it, when our service providers treat us like their friends. We love feeling special and close to the people that sell us something. That is why having a closely established relationship with your customer is extremely important.

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It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should directly establish contact with them. But you do make them feel emotionally bound to you. Snapchat, for example, is a good strategy to use. Posting videos of your staff members, or you know, anything, makes your customers feel as emotionally bound to you as possible. Once in a while you could do a “Q&A spree”, where you’d answer any question directly to your clients, or answer them on your story combined with other questions. With Instagram’s or Facebook’s new feature of “Live streaming”, you can even make it better!

It’s extremely easy to get caught up in all the different types of social media. Some are more for all types of buyer-personas, others are more youth focused and so on and so forth. In this complicated struggle of finding out which one to use as your channel, guess what? You simply need to start with identifying who your target market is.

Let’s suppose it is the younger generation, the one that is absolutely and wholeheartedly consumed by Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, they use Facebook too. But let’s focus on the main ones for now. Continuing to suppose your target is the generation Y, what better way can you find to connect with them, than using same means of communications they use?

Take some major brands that actively use their social media platforms to communicate their messages to their consumers to prove this point. Nike, for example, has a constant daily update of its Instagram account, with extremely motivating photos and inspiring quotes. It’s easy to watch the generation and gather information about what they love, what they fear, what they dislike. And addressing all of them in your posts is the most optimal strategy. It will bring their attention to the fact that your company cares about them and what is important for them.

A little misbelief that exists about social media is that it’s easy to handle and you don’t need a special strategy for it. You couldn’t possibly be more wrong!

Think of social media as a USB charger. Yes, that’s exactly what I want you to think about. The little bugger has only 2 sides, yet it almost always takes you 3 tries to put it in the USB port the right way unless you get the hang of your port and know which side it should go with. Social media is similar: it’s extremely easy to use it to your advantage, but it is difficult to do it if you know nothing about it.

Even if this example wasn’t the best to demonstrate the significance of social media, it at least made a good description, didn’t it?

Social media needs research and attention in order for it to be used with its maximum efficiency. Take the time to focus on the content and visuals you put on your account to catch attention. Be modern, think modern, think young and hit the USB port from the first try! (I absolutely had to use that phrase).

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