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Pain Points of Content Marketers

There is one thing I want to say right upfront: content creation is no easy task. And I’m not saying this because I am a content writer. I am saying this, because I know how it feels. But many people don’t. And that is the reason for writing this post you are about to read. So whether you’re an employer, editor, content writer or someone who has accidentally stumbled upon this blog post, you are welcome to read about some of the struggles we, as content marketers, face on a daily basis.


Pain Point N1: Underestimated attitude towards time spent on research before even writing

"Oh no you didn't" GIF

Oh, no you didn’t. See, this is where the number one mistake of anyone with no clue about content creation occurs. It’s not about the possibility of jumbling together 1000 words in an hour. In fact, you can write more than that (which is an awesome accomplishment for bloggers, and we’ll talk about it later, but still). It’s about working hard to do research, which takes a lot of time- fact often underrated by others; finding all the relevant and reliable links and sources, creating a value for the reader and still keeping it all productive and informative. So, it’s only acceptable that most content writers feel frustration, when faced with a sudden task with an hour’s worth of deadline.

A 2016 survey has shown that an average blog post takes 3 hours 16 minutes to write. It includes the time spent on thorough research, which could actually take the majority of those 3 hours and you could end up writing the core article in around 40 minutes. The point is, a content creator should take as long as he needs in order to create a great quality content. This is one of the areas where rushing isn’t the smartest thing to do.


Pain Point N2: When your muse has gone away

Oh my god, help me GIF

Here you are, sitting in front of your computer, waiting for the muse to come so that you can write the most amazing blog post, the best article, Press Release, pitch, guest post, whatever. But the muse is just not there. It’s asleep somewhere, went on a vacation, left you and you are stuck. It’s like running on the same spot for an hour, when you’ve been staring at your screen for a good hour and written less than 100 words at the most. Well, a dose of creativity, I mean caffeine, will be your only chance at making up something worth reading at this point. This struggle is one of the worst ones bloggers have to face quite frequently. And I wish they could come up with a cure for this.


Pain Point N3: “Find more recent statistics”

I’ll just leave this here.

Palm face, oh no GIF

Finding relevant information, statistics and proofs to support your statements is tough. And you, being a good content marketer, want to make what you’re writing very reliable and trustworthy. So, you try to look for good sources, highly authoritative websites, etc. But then the perfect data you found is like from a research conducted in 2008 or earlier (reminder: we’re in 2017 and a lot has changed since that time). And you’re just like: “I don’t understand why no one did a new research on this topic”. It’s one of those situations where you find yourself willing to both laugh and cry.


Not a Pain Point N4: Over-productively exceeded 1000 words like a champion


Not a lot of things can come close to this beautiful moment, joyous feeling, pure bliss of accomplishing to put together an amazing article with 1000 words in an hour. Seriously though, moments like this probably prolong your life with the amount of happiness hormones that are worth that one single post. I think among some tough cookies, there should be a good note to this post. It’s hard to write a good post, but then karma rewards you for bearing with this difficult profession with once-in-a-while presents like this.

After covering only few of the very many struggles of content writers, next time someone ever tries telling you that content writing is easy, that you just sit, read about something and then write based on that, you are granted the full freedom of slapping that person across the face. Well, maybe you shouldn’t take it literally, because the last thing I want is being sued for preaching violence. But hey, you are at least capable of explaining them why exactly it takes a lot of efforts and time to research, find the necessary data, write up the entire thing in a way that people love reading it.

Keep in mind, not everyone can write. Writing is frankly way more than putting sentences together. It’s about showing value in what you write. Even if it’s just a sentence, quote, anything that makes people love what you wrote, it’s a great accomplishment.

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