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The Phenomenon of the Super Bowl Advertising: WORST of 2017

If you are here, you probably survived the first part of the “best” edition of Super Bowl advertisements, which is good for you, cause here we are going to continue with the phenomenon of the Super Bowl ads and discuss the least successful ones. But for starters, let’s quickly go over the whole topic. Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), which is the highest level of professional American football in the world.

But in case you are not a big fan of American football, the ads during the game were probably what caught your eye. A lot of famous brands spent millions of dollars, 5 million US dollars for a 30 second ad to be precise, in order for their advertisement to be shown. You can wonder why they would spend that much money for 30 seconds, but the investment is worth it, because Super Bowl ads have the highest viewership! For that sole reason, considering the fact that almost 111.9 million people will see your brand’s advertising, it is indeed a pretty good investment.

But they are not just simple ads that convince the viewer to buy their product. They are much more than that. Super Bowl ads are made with a lot of effort. They are intended not to sell their products, but to raise brand awareness. So that is why almost all of them have a certain storyline, or even famous people featured, in order to catch attention, create a specific emotional bond with the viewer, thus increasing their brand’s popularity.

This year’s commercials had the main goal to create a buzz and make people talk about them. What was different though, in comparison to previous years, was the context of the commercials, which was mostly today’s hot topics in political and social spheres, for example, immigration, refugee crisis and the gender inequality (Audi’s Daughter feministic ad) issues in the States. However, it seemed that this year the main hits of the commercials were of vehicle companies that featured not only the best contents, but also the best cinematographic (Mercedes’ Easy Drive directed by the Coen Brothers).  

But as much as some of the ads triumphed, there were ones that actually failed, or rather, were not as successful as intended. Hereby, let me present you the least successful Super Bowl ads, in my opinion, with no intention to hurt anyone.


Worst Five


  1. TurboTax, Humpty Hospital

    Using an animated cartoon character in a commercial usually has two outcomes, either a success or a failure. There isn’t any in-between. Unfortunately, for TurboTax this commercial with Humpty Dumpty falling from the wall didn’t go very well. The only thing the ad got right was the British accent of those medieval soldiers.

  2. Sprite #WannaSprite

    Yes, we all love LeBron James. However, this was another cliché ad with a celebrity cameo. The whole commercial was a déjà vu: we have seen that scene somewhere before, we have heard that line somewhere earlier. In fact, Sprite failed to deliver creativity and originality despite the resources spent.


  3. GoDaddy Good Morning

    Maybe you “know bunch of people who’d like” this ad, but not me. The scenes with the Internet trends of 2016 and 2017 (#thedress, #icebucketchallenge, #pandalove and #catvideos) were too redundant and even boring for the viewer. 

  4. Buick’s Not So Pee Wee Football

    As if, there weren’t any less commercials with athletes and supermodels. C’mon Buick! Learn from your fellow car manufacturer companies! Bring some action and excitement into the commercial game!

  5. Febreze: America’s Halftime Bathroom Break

    Probably the only reason the ad failed was that it was too obvious for all of me. Everyone uses the restroom during his/her #bathroombreak, but no one is actually willing to talk about it. Even Tom Brady stopped the commercial and closed the door during Intel’s cameo. Though at first the idea seemed hilarious, let’s face it, some things are better not be talked about and stay mystery.

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