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Some Simple but Clever Neuromarketing Tips

Human beings are instinctual creatures, and they react to how a particular stimulus makes them “feel”. This feature is the base of neuromarketing.

So what is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing is something that is quite logical and progressive. It analyzes the decision-making process of human beings and then uses those findings to increase the effectiveness of promotional campaigns. Brain scans show how different factors influence human decisions, why we choose certain brands and purchase products at a higher price than those that the competitors have. It has nothing to do with logical and rational thinking; it is about psychology. Let’s discuss some of the simplest tricks that may affect our purchasing decisions every day without us knowing about it.

  1. Video Content

An interesting fact about the human brain is that it digests visual content 60.000 times faster than dry texts and, in case if the content delivers a meaningful, powerful message, then the combination is a match made in heaven. Visual content tends to leave a colorful print on people’s memory, in other words, it visualizes the received information. This trick seems very obvious, but it has a significant effect compared to other forms of delivery of information. Demonstrating your product or service with video content allows you to leave an imprint on people’s brain which may boost your sales better. It also gives an opportunity to be flexible and creative when campaigning, instead of using solid banners or simple advertising.

  1. Confirmation Bias

Human nature is structured in a way that we subconsciously store and digest the very first bit of information that we face. We take the impression as a foundation to base our opinions on. This is the reason why it is so important to carefully “screen” and monitor the thoughts that children develop over their years of fully formulating, because the inputs they mentally absorb contributes to their formation of personality in a huge way. Marketing specialists are already using anchoring bias to price their products. Intelligent business owners always display their most expensive package first in order to condition possibilities that will make people believe that the other bundles are more affordable. This action seems very simple but works as “it could have been worse “ psychology, and it sets people positively towards your product. They view you as a customer-friendly company or provider.

  1. Social Proof

Even though we don’t pay much attention to social proof and to the psychology of how it works, social proof is everywhere, and it has the potential to “run” the bandwagon effect. The bandwagon effect is a psychological phenomenon by which people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their beliefs, which they may ignore or trample upon. This effect has a huge significance and connection to almost every aspect of life, but it is most commonly seen in consumer behavior.

The best kind of social proof is a video testimonial as humans are positively attracted to other human faces. Statistics show that video testimonials drive conversions close to 86-87 percent. Therefore businesses should channel phony text testimonials and gather real video recommendations from actual customers. Seeing happy and satisfied smiles on people’s faces who already consumed your product or service will give positive vibes to the potential consumers and will motivate them to purchase the goods or service you are offering. This will ensure credibility and trust.

  1. Choice-supportive Bias

When a person invests a large sum of money, time or even effort, he or she goes through a  great period of self – confirmation whether the decision he or she made is valid, even at the cost of losing a better service or more affordable price from other suppliers.

Often, it is tough to look beyond the prestige and glamour of an item and consider the solid pros and cons. Under such conditions, if a repetition of that same product with better and upgraded features hits the market, the evangelists are compelled to upgrade, even if their conscious mind is aware of the limitations of doing so. To be the first choice of a customer, provider or supplier must always be aware of markets news, new product or services that were introduced in the market and respectively, respond to those changes in particular ways. So it is imperative to consider the choice – the psychology of human behavior. A good way to do so is to put yourself in the place of a customer. What would you choose? Why? The key is to drive your service or product towards the thinking of your potential customers.

Neuromarketing is a new tool that works on human brain and psychology to hit higher sales target and revenues. With a few clever tips and tricks, a company can reach better results with minimum effort! How amazing is that?

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