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The Growth of Blogs into Powerful Marketing Tools

There are way too many ways and techniques to use in your company’s marketing strategy. And today we will be discussing one of the most interesting ones out of those. Pretty sure everyone has already noticed the whole vibe of blogging growth by now.

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However some people are still unaware of why and how those blogs are integrated into business. In reality though, is there a one single defined reason to why businesses want to use blogging to promote their products? Let’s figure it out.

So, blogs. There are a lot of variations on the meaning of the word, but I have long found myself not getting “enough” explanation under those definitions. That is why, I’m just going to throw in here my own observation. A blog is an online platform that is made up of content, which might be a review, comment, a company’s promotional initiative or just a piece of information on any topic.

Blogs started as something that’s more personal. People would write blogs on online diary websites, or their creative thoughts and share those. Slowly, but steadily, businesses realized that blogs might have a good potential of helping the promotion process of their products/service too. Nowadays, blogs have indeed become an inseparable part of a company’s website. Such blogs are dedicated to anything: interesting reviews, trendy topics, product advertising, or overall company-related information.

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For a long time blogs were underrated for business purposes. However, citing my usual “good content can do magic” thing, a lot of companies started to see their ginormous potential for marketing. Blogging is currently a paramount content related service in digital marketing.

People love reading short informative content. Reasons behind those have been studied by a lot of researchers. If we keep it short, the main points of observations would be that people love reading blogs in particular, because:

  1. They are short but informative
  2. Alternative information source
  3. People need advice or a review on something
  4. Emotional connection with the writer/company
  5. Well written interactive blog is one of the most entertaining things to read
  6. Blogs provide variety

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Businesses started to realize that a good way to connect with their consumers would be to actually reach out to them. And providing content in their “language” manner which will be interesting for them to read, is one of the best ways to do it.

This is why business blogging has become a vital asset to possess for a company. And fortunately, it seems to work and shows to have a potential for future growth until the day people stop reading at all (for the sake of everything valuable in this world, let that never happen).

The state of blogging has changed over the last few years. Mostly those changes are related to 2 directions: the time spent on creating a blog post and the importance companies pay to the blogs.

Firstly, if anyone out there thinks that blogging is easy, it is not let me tell you. Blogs are not about just putting together 800-1000 words on average. They are about creating a value worth of that amount of words. That is why the average time spent on writing a blog post is around 3 hours. That indicator changed from 2hr 24mins in 2014 to 3hr 16mins in 2016, a research shows. Bloggers invest more time in order to make a quality content which is going to interest the consumer. They include tons of media files that will only make the blog more engaging. It’s a clear sign that quality needs no rush to achieve heights.

Secondly, as already mentioned, blogs now have more attention towards them than before from a business point of view. Blogging has proved to bring more success to the company in all possible ways: more visitors, popularity, better ROI, higher revenues, more conversions. Accordingly, businesses tend to invest more in those year by year. Pretty self explanatory, right?

Blogs always add a personal touch to information. No matter how professionally written they are, you still tend to establish an emotional connection with the material discussed in the blog. And that’s a smart move for businesses, to be honest. We as humans value human relations and seek emotional binds wherever it’s possible to find them. If we buy decide to purchase a certain product, we half expect to come across a “caring” provider. That is why businesses grasped the opportunity and decided not to let it go, but instead nurture it and grow it for their benefit. Hence, we now have one of the best ways to achieve it – blogging, as one of the main techniques that companies use for their marketing.

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